StretchPlayer — Audio player with time stretch and pitch shift


Ever listened to a really fast guitar riff and wonder how to play it? Ever sat down to try... and the notes are just too fast? Or have you ever wished you could change the key of the recording to match your vocalist's favorite key?

You need StretchPlayer:

[Screenshot of player]

StretchPlayer is an audio file player that allows you to change the speed of the song without changing the pitch. It will also allow you to transpose the song to another key (while also changing the speed). This is a very powerful tool for musicians who are learning to play a pre-recorded song. It's features include:

The player supports all the audio formats that libsndfile supports, which currently includes OGG/Vorbis, WAV, W64, AIFF, SND, and FLAC. Note that neither libsndfile nor StretchPlayer supports MP3 files for patent liability reasons.

StretchPlayer is free software, distributed under the GNU Public License, version 2 or later. See the files gpl-2.0.txt and gpl-3.0.txt for the details of the license.

Minimum System Requirements


Source code repository (Git):

git clone


StretchPlayer will not work if you have a small buffer size (<= 256 frames).

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